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Students Visit Our Turbine

Students from the St Croix Math and Environmental Science Academy visited our church last week to learn about Wind energy and turbine technology. Led by Carl Joseph from the VI Energy Office (pictured below), the students learned the science of how turbines capture and convert wind to electrical energy to power the St Croix grid.

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Esther 4:14

Carl Joseph and students from the St Croix Math and Science Academy

 Photo from Don Buchanan

Triathalon Schedule Change

Due to the Triathalon Sunday May 6th, our weekly worship service will be held SATURDAY evening at 5:30 pm. Communion will be celebrated. There will be no Sunday morning service.

Jazz Vespers will still take place this Sunday at 5:30 with featured musicians, Stan Joines and his Jazz Band.

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Kingshill School to Close

It is with great sadness and gratitude that we post what many in the congregation are already aware of.

Kingshill School is closing its doors this Spring after graduation.

Here is the article which appeared in the AVIS.

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We’re so proud of our Janie Koopmans and the school. Many are aware of the enormous ministry she provided to the school, starting it and directing it without financial compensation. Janie, you are an inspiration, as are the teachers who gave their all to these kids.

We’re also impressed with Janie’s testimony that Kingshill’s closing will help other private schools who are trying to cope with the new fiscal realities here on St Croix due to the closing of Hovensa.

For many years, the St Croix Reformed Church provided space and utilities free-of-charge to the Kingshill School. It was a major mission, and one that will continue on as those children grow up and thrive because of their time at Kingshill School.

Looking ahead….
The school’s closing will certainly spur us to “dream new dreams” (Acts 2:17).  We invite all our members to consider how we as Christ’s ambassadors on St Croix can use our resources, our building, and our faith to serve others in need.

SCRC ~ Now 50% Less Painful

We don’t know what Pastor Rod is happier about…

The new windmill, or the new road going up to the church…

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(Dear visitors to this page, we apologize for our giddyness over so much asphalt. If you’d like to buy one of the leftover mules used to ferry worshippers up the hill on our old road, please call Pastor Rod.)


WAPA has finally done it’s final inspection and ordered the correct electric meter for the Wind Turbine.

If patience is a virtue, we live on the most virtuous island in the Caribbean!



Wind Turbine Ceremony Photos

“With Thanksgiving to God, for the inspiration of his people.”

Below are some great photos and photo gallery of our February 29, 2012 “Turn It On” Ceremony inaugurating our Wind Turbine.

Summary: Over 80 people gathered on the hill outside the church and school on Leap Day 2012 for a joyous dedication of the wind tower. We had numerous community guests and dignitaries, but the star of the event was definitely the tower and turbine. As celebrants arrived, the tower was at a 45 degree angle, dramatically demonstating the hinged tower and motorized raising screw that makes our investment hurricane proof and easy to service. As the ceremony got underway, installer Jeff Cabrera could be seen behind the speakers installing the bolts to fix the tower in place. After numerous brief speeches, the tower was christened with water balloons (champagne being too messy), and then several dignitaries, including Lt. Governor Greg Francis, threw the switch to begin feeding power from the tower into the island’s grid. Afterwards, refreshments were provided by the Kingshill School Board.

Guest speakers included:

Lt Gov Greg Francis
Senator Sam Sanes
Michael Mongeau, representing the Kingshill School
Karl Knight, Director of the VI Energy Office
Carl Joseph, Energy Analyst, VI Energy Office
Joseph Daniel, Energy Operations Coordinator, and our very helpful grant coordinator
Neil MacQueen, Wind Project Coordinator for the church & school
Jeff Cabrera, Mayan Windpower and installer

Pastor Rod Koopmans officiated, opening the ceremony with the inspiring lyrics of the hymn “For the Beauty of the Earth”, thanking numerous volunteers and the VI Energy Office, and offering prayers. In his closing remarks, he called everyone’s attention to the site down our hill of the now mothballed Hovensa refinery, –making the profound observation that, “they are no longer making energy, we are.”

Others recognized at the ceremony included Wind Project volunteers: Don Bailey (treasurer), Will Borden, Stan Joines, Don Buchanan, and Janie Koopmans.

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2018 Update: Our turbine was damaged by Hurricane Maria (even though it had been lowered). A decision was made to give it to another non-profit on island who could afford to repair it, and use an RCA grant to install solar panels instead (which is now feasible due to lower panel prices and our lower electrical consumption because the school we once housed closed during the recession).

Turbine Party ~ Feb 29, 2012

For Detailed Information about the St Croix Reformed Turbine, go to

See photos of the Turbine “Turn it On” Party at




As recently announced in worship, our church will hold the “Turbine Turn It On” Party on Wednesday, February 29th at 5 p.m.

All members and friends of the church and Kingshill School are encouraged to attend.  Bring your neighbors!

For more information about the wind turbine, go to

Advent Schedule of Services & Events


Rev Rod has just posted the following schedule:

December 18th, Worship at 9:30 – angel tree gifts due

December 20th, Tuesday 5:30 – 7:00: Live Nativity!  Come participate or just enjoy this traditional gathering.

December 24th, Saturday 7:00 pm Christmas Eve Lessons and Carols candle lighting

December 25th, Christmas morning 9:30 at church.

January 1: New Years Communion at 9:30 am

January 1:  Jazz Vespers at 5:30 pm


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Construction continues. The cage and massive bolts are in place (pictured). The concrete should be poured by this Sunday.
And the first batch of grant checks from the VI Energy Office arrived on time as promised and have been deposited!

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Turbine Installation Photos – updated regularly

Updated Turbine construction photos!

The slideshow below will continue to be UPDATED throughout construction.

For more information about the St Croix Reformed Wind Turbine, go to

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Photos: Groundbreaking Ceremony

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Reverend Rod led the congregation out to the hill for the Wind Turbine groundbreaking ceremony. The kids met the congregation, handing out pinwheels and hard hats. After introducing the Wind Task Force, and further remarks, Rod and the kids put the spade to the hill, …and activity which some children continued for nearly 20 minutes!  Numerous adults stepped forward to dig, and following a closing hymn, the congregation enjoyed another sumptious post-worship buffet.

The rest of the hole for the foundation will be dug this week.  For more details about the Wind Turbine, go to

Wind Turbine Construction Schedule

The St Croix Reformed Church will hold a brief GROUNDBREAKING CEREMONY for our 10 kw Wind Turbine this Sunday November 13th.

See photos of this event

Preliminary Construction Schedule:

Nov 13th: Ground Breaking

Nov 14-24: Digging and pouring of the tower slab.

Late November: Digging and installation of electrical cables. Installation of electrical converters.

Mid December: Bolting of the tower to the slab. Assembly of the turbine to the tower.

“Turning it on” Party ….t.b.a.

For more information about the Wind Turbine, its cost, construction and expected benefits, go to