Wind Turbine

Welcome to the St Croix Reformed Church Wind Turbine page!

In 2011, the St Croix Reformed Church was awarded a grant from the VI Energy Office and US Dept of Energy for a 10 kw Wind Turbine. 

We broke ground late November 2011 and held our “turn it on” celebration February 29th, 2012.

  • Click any of the “Go” buttons here for more information about our Wind project.
  • View a short video of the turbine in action.
  • See the Wind Turbine “thread” on this website for photos and posts showing installation.
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    Our Bergey Excel current conditions

    ONLINE REAL-TIME DATA coming from our Turbine

See output and windspeeds over the past 24 hours here: production stats.

View a history of kwh output and up-time here: online history.

The following chart shows how kilowatt production jumps as windspeed modestly increases.

Avg Wind Speed    kwh per month
 7.8                55
10.1               115
12.3               195
13.4               235
14.5               270
----               ---

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