Kingshill School to Close

It is with great sadness and gratitude that we post what many in the congregation are already aware of.

Kingshill School is closing its doors this Spring after graduation.

Here is the article which appeared in the AVIS.

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We’re so proud of our Janie Koopmans and the school. Many are aware of the enormous ministry she provided to the school, starting it and directing it without financial compensation. Janie, you are an inspiration, as are the teachers who gave their all to these kids.

We’re also impressed with Janie’s testimony that Kingshill’s closing will help other private schools who are trying to cope with the new fiscal realities here on St Croix due to the closing of Hovensa.

For many years, the St Croix Reformed Church provided space and utilities free-of-charge to the Kingshill School. It was a major mission, and one that will continue on as those children grow up and thrive because of their time at Kingshill School.

Looking ahead….
The school’s closing will certainly spur us to “dream new dreams” (Acts 2:17).  We invite all our members to consider how we as Christ’s ambassadors on St Croix can use our resources, our building, and our faith to serve others in need.

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