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Women’s Christmas Party

Women's Christmas Party

Fellowship at it’s finest.

Women’s Christmas Party

Tues., Dec. 18

5:30 PM

at the home of Ethel Ritch
Car pooling recommended.
Meet at Kmart West at 5:10PM

Bring a dish to share
Bring cookies for My Brothers’ Table
Bring $20 for a Gift of Hope

Sign-up at church
or call: 772-0201 (Janie)


1. Why bring $20?
In the past we’ve exchanged gifts at our Christmas
Party with the limit of $20. This year we would like
to pool our $20s and do something more.

2. What is a Gift of Hope?

Go to:
We would like to be able to purchase at least:
1 hipporoller for carrying water in Kenya ($100)
1 scholarship for a Pokot girl in Africa ($140)

3, Why cookies for My Brothers’ Table?

For those who like to bake cookies, but don’t really need to eat them.
Dessert, let alone homemade cookies, is a rarity at MBT.
The cooks, Rose and Hyacinth, would be grateful!