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St. Croix Reformed Church

RR01, Box 6125

Kingshill, VI 00850

Phone: 1-340-778-0520


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St. Croix Reformed Church is located “mid-island” in Estate La Reine up the hill from Rt 75/Northside Road.

We are at the top of “Sunset Road” -though the sign may or may not be seen 🙂   If you are traveling north on the Northside Road, you will go about 1/4 mile past the Kingshill post office and turn right to go up hill on Sunset. (Coming in on the left at this intersection is Rt 707, the road which goes past the army base). (For posterity: the physical address of the church is known as “Lot 8a-c La Reine”.)

View our Google Map below for details:

Visiting & Worshipping With Us

Worship is at 9:30 each Sunday morning and lasts about 55 minutes.

Children and youth have the option to leave after the children’s sermon to attend Sunday School. There is no staff nursery at the church, but there is a nursery where a parent can sit with a fussy baby and listen to the service over a speaker.

Dress is “island comfortable.” Men typically wear sandals, shorts and a polo, or shoes and slacks. Comfortable colorful dresses are the norm for the ladies. The sanctuary is not air-conditioned other than by ceiling fans and the cool hilltop breezes which flow through the large rows of louvered windows.


Our congregation began as a Dutch Reformed church in 1740. In 1831 it disbanded. The church building was sold to the Lutheran Church in Christiansted, remodeled, and can be visited today on Kings St.  The congregation was re-established in 1992 under the auspices of the Reformed Church in America.


Our church is a contributor of time, money and volunteers to Our Brother’s Table, -a “meal ministry” in Frederiksted.

Our church underwrites the cost of Jazz Vespers, –our first Sunday of the month @ 5:30  jazz, scripture and prayer service which attracts 50 to 75 worshippers who are not otherwise connected to the congregation. The musicians are compensated and it is one of the few regular such venues where they don’t have to play over the sounds of waiters and dishes!

Donations to the church budget also find their way across the nation and around the world to denominational mission and disaster relief efforts.

Reformed Beliefs

St. Croix Reformed Church is a member of the Reformed Church in America.  The Reformed Church has its roots in the Protestant Reformation and is similar in many ways to the Presbyterian, United Methodist, and United Church of Christ denominations. Indeed, many members of our local congregation come from these traditions, as well as many others. On St. Croix, we are theologically and historically similar to the Moravian and Lutheran churches. Our heritage is one of openness and tolerance, justice and reconciliation -in the name of Christ.

Above all, our faith is centered in Christ. Every need of ours finds its answer in Jesus Christ. The final authority in the Reformed faith is Holy Scripture, the living Word of God, spoken to everyone through the Holy Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit takes the Word of God and makes it real and actual in our lives. This has always been and will always be the authentic wells-spring of Reformed faith. (from a recent RCA statement of faith)

Our form of government is “presbyterian” in that we are governed by an elected council of elders, and are overseen by the Reformed Church in America, who’s constitution and traditions we follow.

For a detailed look at our denomination’s beliefs and ministries go to http://www.rca.org/Page.aspx?pid=299


Reformed beliefs and practices have a long history on St Croix dating back to the late 1600’s. So it is no surprise that many of our members and regular attenders are native Crucians.  Centrally located, we pull our membership from every corner of the island. In addition the Reformed Church, many of our members come from a variety of other denominational backgrounds, including (but not limited to) Presbyterian, Lutheran, Methodist and Episcopalian.

Our membership swells in the Winter months with “snowbirds” from the continent …many of whom have been a vital part of this congregation since it was reconstituted in 1992.

Age-wise, we have them all, –from young children to retirees. Our members and visitors come from many walks of life. The person sitting next to you in worship may be a healthcare worker or a teacher, a handyman or a CEO, a waitress or a realtor, a government employee or stay at home mom, a builder or an artist, a retired small business owner or a student. This mix of backgrounds and cultures presents many exciting opportunities.

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