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Reminders for this week

April 18th:

The Enneagram- A Small Group Study

Who am I?  Why do I get along with some people and not others? Why do my spouse and I keep having the same arguments?  How can I love my kids and get so frustrated at the same time? How do I draw closer to God? Pastor Peter and Julie have found the Enneagram to be a very helpful tool in answering these questions.  They invite everyone to join them for a conversation in the Sanctuary on Wednesday evenings at 5:30pm beginning April 18th.  The conversation will be based on the book The Sacred Enneagram: Finding your Unique Path to Spiritual Growth by Christopher Heuretz.

April 19th:

The Long Term Recovery Group

The following sub-committees have formed: Finance, Case Management, Unmet needs, Communication & Advocacy, Youth, Spiritual/Emotional Care, Construction, and Volunteer Management.  If you’d like more information please see Pastor Peter.  The next LTRG meeting will be Thursday, April 19th, 3pm, at the St. Croix Christian Church.

April 22nd:

What does it mean to be Reformed?

Inquiring minds want to know and there are a lot of them based on the number of times Pastor Peter has been asked.  It’s time to start working on an answer.  On APRIL 22nd, we’ll meet after worship to begin a discussion on Reformed history, theology, polity, and practice.  Our second question will be: what were the main points of theology in the Reformation?

Angel Tree

Don’t forget to pick your angel from the angel tree.  Each angel represents a child in need.  Please bring your unwrapped gifts with the angel tag to the Church by Sunday, December 17th.

Many thanks to the ASPCA for all of their work on St Croix.

You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.

(2 Corinthians 9:11)


Join us for worship service at 11:00am on Sunday, October 8th!

Our doors are open and we are waiting for you!


Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria Update

God’s house and people up the hill withstood Maria’s fierce winds. The building sustained some minor damage.  The wooden cross was knocked down. The Church signs were damaged. We had flooding in the classrooms and the sanctuary.  Some of the Sunday School curriculum was destroyed by the flooding. We had a couple of broken windows and plenty of trees are down. The wind turbine was lowered and should be up again when the island’s grid comes back. In additional to helping members and island family, we’ve also been reaching out to St. Thomas and St. John through the St Thomas Reformed Church.

Please make a contribution to our Hurricane Relief Fund

Did you know that you can make an online donation to the St Croix Reformed Church!

Support Our Ministry!  Contribute Online Now via This handy link is being used by members, and far-flung friends of the congregation to support our ministry.


Click the donate now online button as seen above.  It will take you to the Network for Good page.  You can then donate online to The St Croix Reformed Church.  You can designate a specific purpose for your donation if you’d like.

The church suffered some damage during Hurricane Maria.  We will use these donations to fix the Church, fix the generator, and to contribute to local missions such as My Brother’s Table.

Thank you for your support.

Update from St Thomas Reformed Church 9/19/2017

This might be my last post for a while. Looks like Maria is still coming our way. I wanted to write about all of the wonderful things that happened yesterday as countless volunteers continued to give and serve. I’ll send pictures of the wood donations being handed out, the meals being served at MBW, and the groceries and supplies being distributed at our church. I know over 200 families were given supplies enough for a couple of days. Bright spots of course are the children and yesterday we were serenaded by two of our younger volunteers. UPS even got in on the action donating one of their trucks for us to move supplies. Thank you UPS and the Salvation Army for working out those details. The most wonderful blessing was opening a pallet in that big 40 foot container and finding boxes of supplies from Ponce Puerto Rico all decorated and hand signed with prayers and blessings. Many of the cans were labeled with a heart sending their love. For those of you who don’t know Ponce is where our XYG youth group served on their mission trip last year. The blessings have now come full circle. “Cast your bread upon the waters and it will come back to you.” -Ecclesiastes 11:1
We truly appreciate all the prayers and support that you have been sending our way. We are now keeping our brothers and sisters on St. Croix and Puerto Rico and all the neighboring islands in our prayers as Maria moves through in the next couple of days. I am optimistic because I have faith in God and in the ability of God’s faithful people to endure trials and tribulations. I wish I could say things were great here but they are not and so many people are suffering. We will continue to do what we can to get relief supplies into the hands of those who need it the most. (As a reminder you can give financial donations on our website and through our app or by sending a check which will all go into our Irma relief fund. Financial supplies will help the most long term. Please do not send us clothes!!!)

I thank everyone on the outside who has been working diligently to assist us in this time of great need.
Keep praying…

Update from St Thomas Reformed Church 9/18/2017

Good morning,
I took a Sabbath from posting on Facebook yesterday. We celebrated our Sabbath with worship in our sanctuary, people sat in the pews along side food and supplies that have been pouring in. Dozens of volunteers helped out after worship doing more runs for more supplies, stocking pews, cleaning up around church and making sure our neighbors were taken care of. The Salvation Army has received two semi trucks full of supplies and we are offloading those into our sanctuary. We will receive another large shipment from Puerto Rico again today and are set to share all of these supplies with anyone who comes today to ask. Our goal is to have people set for the next couple of days as we are now preparing for another storm. For those of you who were here this past summer and enjoyed our Broadway sermon series, I already have our off island summer camp staff ready for next summer’s performance of the Sound of Music, “How do you solve a problem like Maria?” Hopefully by next summer that will be appropriately humorous. Right now we are all very concerned and appreciate your prayers and support. We are also now distributing supplies to Seaview adult Home where conditions are worsening. Thank you Kim BourneVaneck for your stellar work in caring for all of those residents.
In the afternoon, I was blessed to be able to lead worship at our hospital in the lobby area. The hospital staff doctors and nurses are holding on by a thin wire and trying to attend to the patients through the emergency room in a badly damaged facility. Many are working 24 hour shifts. Thank you Tina Comissiong for the invitation to lead worship there yesterday and for all you and the staff are doing to keep our hospital functioning. Dr. Mark Livingston also attended to patients after worship in our Lower learning center. These are just a few of the things people are doing to help and to care and to love our neighbors. It is truly inspiring! I am very proud and happy to be part of a church with so many resources and such a desire to care for their community. The well is deep when we draw from Christ’s living water!
I share with you a screenshot from my iPhone reminders. This is my only reminder, one that I leave on my phone all the time. I share it as a reminder to all of you wherever you are, whatever you are doing, whatever you are facing… Pray!
Jeff Neevel

Update from St Thomas Reformed Church 9/16/2017

“Bless the Lord O My soul and all that is within me, bless Your holy name!” Giving thanks this morning for so many glimpses of light in the darkness, so many glimmers of hope amidst the despair. Our awesome group of volunteers (young and younger) led by Robin Marsella at STRC handed out food and supplies to over 160 families yesterday. The awesome group of volunteers at MBW Cafe & Bakery fed 600! Way to go Jenny and your MBW team! The awesome group of volunteers at MBW shop in Tutu received 2 large flatbeds of Plywood and 2x4s and began cutting and distributing it to any in need. Scott – you continue to amaze. We are trying to organize teams to help put up tarps…that is, if we ever see a tarp! I got message that the Army Corp of Engineers is here and helping. If anyone has a way to connect us, please do! Our awesome groups of volunteers in the states have been continuing to coordinate supply runs to us and managing to get hundreds of people off island to safety. I need to mention one angel…Adonnah, thank you for managing the dock with grace. Yesterday was chaos in the pouring rain (pics) but she managed to get supplies off to us and people on. We said goodbye to Robert & Donna deJongh who FINALLY will make it back to the storm-torn Houston to continue his cancer treatments. Our prayers go with you!
I know there are countless other STC members proudly serving and humbly offering their gifts, caring for the sick, offering counseling to survivors, cleaning out people’s homes and yards, bringing food and water to the homebound, and covering up neighbor’s roofs. You are awesome. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus.
Just prior to curfew I was able to make it to one more parishioner’s home. It’s heart-breaking. (pics) But bless the Lord, they are safe and now staying with family.
Nicole is back online after a 3 day trip to Miami on the cruise ship with her beautiful baby Dominic. She is now helping to coordinate volunteers and schedules. Email her at or message her here. Thank you Nicole!
And to answer your question: YES WE WILL WORSHIP TOMORROW in our sanctuary beginning one hour after curfew. Right now curfew is 10am so worship will begin at 11am. You might have to sit on a can of beans but you might also might find that more comfortable than those hard wooden pews! Dr. Mark Livingston has offered to see anyone with medical issues after the service. Thank you Mark!
That’s all I have time for today…
“Bless the Lord, O my Soul and all that is within us…”

St Thomas Reformed Church update: 9/15/2017

Good morning. No Internet this morning so I’m back to typing on my little phone. Just want to give a quick update. The café and bakery continue to offer stellar meals and service serving over 500 yesterday. Church volunteers doled out bags of food and supplies to over 65 families. We ran out of supplies but just as we were closing up, more trucks came in and we reloaded for today. I’m sorry I have not had time to reply to every response and message. I appreciate your support and yes we still need help. Unfortunately right now we cannot receive mail although that should be changing soon. Please do not send clothing!!!! Personal hygiene products, cleaning supplies nonperishable foods, mosquito nets and tarps are top of the list. The quickest and best way to help is by making a financial donation through our website or app or mailing a check to the church. “Irma Relief”. Follow MBW Cafe on Facebook and this post and you can also donate online to MBW or The Red Cross or the Salvation Army. Power was restored once again downtown so we are back in business. I’m still trying to get word about a few members and friends from our congregation and getting out to visit. Pray for all who are volunteering please pray for those who are still living in homes without roofs and as the thunder crashes as I write this, another storm is passing over us ready to dump buckets of rain. People are still hungry tired wet and we covet your prayers. Thank you for all the support. I will try to post more tonight?