March 2011 Wind Turbine Update

UPDATE: For info about our Wind Turbine you can now visit the Wind Turbine pages at this website:


Member of the Wind Team have recently met with Clapp Power Inc., the company which will oversee the installation of the tower and turbine. Clapp Power is locally owned and is the tower and turbine manufacturer’s new “rep” here in the USVI. Due to the manufacturer’s backlog, Clapp Power believes that the completion date for the project will now be late summer/early fall.

We are waiting for the final permit to be issued.

Following on our grant approval, members of the Wind Team have been in regular contact with the VI Energy Office, getting i’s dotted and t’s crossed, attending meetings, and beginning to file grant award reports required by the US Dept of Energy.

The church sign down by the road is being repaired and revised. Should be back up in a week or two. It will look like the following…with a stylized cross-like wind turbine as the logo. The sign anticipates that the new turbine and tower will become a unique & unmistakable landmark, -and connects the church to that landmark.

A “Coming Soon” construction sign will go up by the road sometime this summer.

The church’s $50,000 grant award was part of $800,000 in Federal stimulus funds awarded to VI non-profits for energy-related projects. In addition to an estimated savings of over 800,000 kilowatts per year to all the organizations over the next 15 to 25 years, the funds stimulate the economy, and boost the movement to alternative energy and efficiency in the islands.   The energy savings to the church and Kingshill School is estimated at $700 a month. (See earlier posts for how that savings will be reinvested in mission.)

For more information, contact the Wind Team:

Don Bailey
Will Borden
Rod Koopmans
Michael Mongeau
Neil MacQueen
George Novey

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