Opportunities to Serve w/ SCRC

Jesus taught his followers the depth of love by washing their feet. It was a humble service of reconciliation and justice. Below are some opportunities for you to serve with SCRC.

The Way – This is an inter-generational mentoring circle where adults make themselves available to young people. We gather on the second Saturday of every month to listen, share what we’ve learned, and offer support through struggles. We also explore the way to live that Jesus calls us to, what makes it hard, and how we find joy in pursuing it. It takes a village to raise our children and we’ll start at 4:00pm (just before our monthly Grill On the Hill at 5:30pm). Each month the circles will study a value (e.g. justice, creation, prayer, etc.) and plan a follow-up gathering to embody that value together in the community.

Coming To the Table – We believe that the work of God is creating “one new humanity…thus making peace.” (Eph. 2:15), elsewhere described as the “ministry of reconciliation.” (2 Cor. 5:18). We gather once a month to promote a new way of being together cross-racially and cross-culturally. Some people say they are colorblind. Others recognize racial disparities. Still others harbor deep racial hostility. Coming To the Table creates space for people to have honest conversations about their experiences of race and racism. You’ll find your spot at the table on the second Sunday of the month at 5:00pm.

Drumming Up Justice – “There was no one in need among them.” (Acts 4:34). This is the goal of Drumming Up Justice. We gather on the third Sunday of the month for a drum circle and then a conversation about applying restorative justice to our community and its institutions. Drum circles have proven a deeply spiritual resource for resilience in the midst of the hard work of justice. They are connected to the principles of restorative justice that value empowerment, community, and accountability. The drum circle will meet from 4pm-5pm. A conversation about advocacy and justice will follow from 5pm-6pm.

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