Opportunities to Grow w/ SCRC

These are opportunities for you to continue to grow in faith so that you can bear fruit in love.

Sunday Worship – We gather every Sunday morning at 9:30am to sing, pray, and listen for God’s Word. We gather around Jesus’ table and there is a place set for you. We use traditional hymns, contemporary music, silence and sharing to be refreshed and nourished by God’s Holy Spirit so that we can grow as the body of Christ in the world.

Life-long Learning – On select Sundays at 11:00am we gather to take a deeper look at Scripture to seek understanding for our society. Bible studies, book discussions, and current events form the basis for our conversations.

Jazz Vespers – On the first Sunday of the month we gather to celebrate the “unity” in our community. It’s a celebration of music and local talent interspersed with prayers, inspiring readings, and the gifts we bring to one another. Jazz Vespers begins at 5:30pm.

Sacred Breath – Jesus breathed on his disciples and said to them, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” The book of Genesis teaches that there is a breath that comes from God that gives life to our bodies. These are two images to help you imagine God’s presence during Sacred Breath, an intentional effort to breathe deeply and purposefully, preparing our hearts and minds for God’s Spirit to move in our lives. Sacred Breath meets on Wednesdays at 6pm.

Yoga For the People – Your body is a temple for the Holy Spirit. It deserves your attention and care. Yoga is a great way to relieve stress, heal your aches and pains, and learn to focus your attention on the light of Christ within you. YftP meets Fridays at 9am.

Contemplative Circles – Contemplation is a more personal way to engage with God’s Word. It’s less about learning and more about listening. It’s less knowing about God and more being known by God. We’ll gather at 10:15 on Fridays (after yoga). We’ll look at the week’s Scripture. Spend time in silent contemplation. And, share what we think we’ve heard God saying to each of us for the day.

Spiritual Direction – Pastor Peter was trained in spiritual direction at the Center for Spirituality & Justice. Spiritual Direction is different than pastoral counseling and distinct from teaching. It is a conversation to help you notice God’s voice in your life and be aware of your responses to it. The goal is to guide you in your own, ongoing conversation with God. By appointment.

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