St Thomas Reformed Church update: 9/15/2017

Good morning. No Internet this morning so I’m back to typing on my little phone. Just want to give a quick update. The café and bakery continue to offer stellar meals and service serving over 500 yesterday. Church volunteers doled out bags of food and supplies to over 65 families. We ran out of supplies but just as we were closing up, more trucks came in and we reloaded for today. I’m sorry I have not had time to reply to every response and message. I appreciate your support and yes we still need help. Unfortunately right now we cannot receive mail although that should be changing soon. Please do not send clothing!!!! Personal hygiene products, cleaning supplies nonperishable foods, mosquito nets and tarps are top of the list. The quickest and best way to help is by making a financial donation through our website or app or mailing a check to the church. “Irma Relief”. Follow MBW Cafe on Facebook and this post and you can also donate online to MBW or The Red Cross or the Salvation Army. Power was restored once again downtown so we are back in business. I’m still trying to get word about a few members and friends from our congregation and getting out to visit. Pray for all who are volunteering please pray for those who are still living in homes without roofs and as the thunder crashes as I write this, another storm is passing over us ready to dump buckets of rain. People are still hungry tired wet and we covet your prayers. Thank you for all the support. I will try to post more tonight?


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