Update from St Thomas Reformed Church


I used to like to listen to the sound of the birds in the early morning as I sipped my coffee. Nature writes the most beautiful symphonies. Now I cherish the sound of my diesel generator which for 2 hours every morning allows me to make coffee to sip, charge my phone and computer, and to communicate with the outside world. I wish I could run an extension cord to every house on this island from my generator so I could share the blessing of POWER! Speaking of power, we lost it at the church and cafe again yesterday but the generator at the cafe kept them up and running and they served another fabulous meal to the masses. Next door at STRC we had a group of dedicated volunteers sorting donations and then distributing them to any who had need. (pics). We have large shipments coming into today and will do more of the same. Yes, if you are here and can volunteer, we could use some help! text me 340-227-9696 or just come to church when able.
I received a huge response from the NPR interview yesterday. We are grateful for the media attention. I marvel at how cleverly they can edit out most of what I say about faith, God and Jesus. But that’s ok…God has already blessed that with several donations from all over! Yes, we fixed our website and APP (thank you Steve and Phyllis!) so we can receive donations online again.
I know Amy Nyland at the NY Synod has communicated with our wonderful partner church Marble Collegiate to help raise funds. Thank you for that! The Bouis & Brinns continue to get donations shipped here daily… not sure how but we are receiving it! Thank you. Andy and Anne got us connected to Food for the Poor who is getting a 40′ container together to ship. Bless you! My brother Ken is working the RCA angles for support and getting me connected to FEMA people here (WE NEED TARPS!!!! AND NOW WE NEED MOSQUITO NETS TOO!!!!) Thanks bro! These are just a few of the many bright spots from yesterday. Your prayers and support are so very much appreciated.
Almost time to shut the generator down, cut the power and head out there again…but not before sitting for a moment in the quiet to listen for the sound of the birds singing. Sing to the Lord all the earth!!!

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