The Consistory

The Consistory is the ruling council in our church. It includes both elders and deacons, all of whom are elected by the congregation.

Serving Elders

Sarah Cole             2013          First Term

Jane Coles             2012          Second  Term       

John Harper           2012          First Term                         

Stan Joines            2013          First Term

Harold Jenkins      2011          First  Term                                 

Serving Deacons   

Don Bailey            2013        First Term

Bill Bohlke            2012        Second Term

Glen Welles           2012        First Term             

Julie Hansen-Hodge 2011        First Term            

Sandi Savage        2013        First Term

Consistory Officers, Classis Delegate and Church Committees

President-   Rev. Rodney Koopmans

Vice President –   Jane Coles

Chair of Elders –    John Harper

Classis Delegate-   Jay Nix

Chair of Deacons-   Don Bailey

Treasurer –   Sandi Savage

Recording Treasurer-  Ethel Ritch

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