Special Jazz Vespers Announcement for March 7th

Sunday Night, March 7th, 5:30 to 6:30 Jazz Vespers will be led by Stan Joines and the accomplished Central High School Jazz Band.

This may be one of the last times you’ll get to hear the four musicians who are headed off to Berklee School of Music (3) and Conservatoria de Musica de Puerto Rico (1). That, in inself is an absolutely amazing accomplishment for ANY high school!! 

Under our own Stan Joines’ direction, this band has not only brought home top medals from high school music competitions, but, after wowing visitors at a Sunset Jazz a few years ago, they were  featured at the Interlochen Music Festival…and not as a “novelty”act.  They will be returning from playing Steve Simon’s  annual jazz/blues festival just in time for this program.
Your presence will mean a lot to these youth who represent the many youth who are talented, well-mannered, and definitely on their way to a bright future.
And how do you ever thank Stan Joines for giving his knowledge and his heart to so many youth over the years? … By showing up for worship and great music!
A donation of refreshments would be greatly appreciated as the church underwrites the cost of advertising and paying musicians.  Call me or email me if you will donate non-alcoholic beverages or snacks. audette Young Hinds/ Adjoa,  340-778-3275

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