Update from St Thomas Reformed Church 9/19/2017

This might be my last post for a while. Looks like Maria is still coming our way. I wanted to write about all of the wonderful things that happened yesterday as countless volunteers continued to give and serve. I’ll send pictures of the wood donations being handed out, the meals being served at MBW, and the groceries and supplies being distributed at our church. I know over 200 families were given supplies enough for a couple of days. Bright spots of course are the children and yesterday we were serenaded by two of our younger volunteers. UPS even got in on the action donating one of their trucks for us to move supplies. Thank you UPS and the Salvation Army for working out those details. The most wonderful blessing was opening a pallet in that big 40 foot container and finding boxes of supplies from Ponce Puerto Rico all decorated and hand signed with prayers and blessings. Many of the cans were labeled with a heart sending their love. For those of you who don’t know Ponce is where our XYG youth group served on their mission trip last year. The blessings have now come full circle. “Cast your bread upon the waters and it will come back to you.” -Ecclesiastes 11:1
We truly appreciate all the prayers and support that you have been sending our way. We are now keeping our brothers and sisters on St. Croix and Puerto Rico and all the neighboring islands in our prayers as Maria moves through in the next couple of days. I am optimistic because I have faith in God and in the ability of God’s faithful people to endure trials and tribulations. I wish I could say things were great here but they are not and so many people are suffering. We will continue to do what we can to get relief supplies into the hands of those who need it the most. (As a reminder you can give financial donations on our website and through our app or by sending a check which will all go into our Irma relief fund. Financial supplies will help the most long term. Please do not send us clothes!!!)

I thank everyone on the outside who has been working diligently to assist us in this time of great need.
Keep praying…

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