Lenten Reflection Two: Real Presence

Walk Away from Screens

Let’s face it. We’re attached. Our faces are glued to our screens. This “irresistible attraction to screens is leading people to feel as though they’re ceding more and more of their autonomy when it comes to deciding how they direct their attention.” (Cal Newport in Digital Minimalism) But when you walk on an unfamiliar path, it’s nearly impossible to have your eyes riveted to your digital screen. You’re likely to trip, and you’ll certainly miss wonders being revealed on your path. “The invitation to walk brings us to a place where we can slowly clear away the constant preoccupations running in the background, and sometimes the foreground, of our minds.” (Without Oars, p. 39) Our attention turns to basic questions. Like this one.

Question: Why are you who you are where you are?

“Wisdom is not the result of mental effort”

Those words of Richard Rohr’s are a valuable guide. A pilgrimage is a confession that we can’t discover our true self or maintain a vital connection to God, just by thinking. Our busy minds won’t get us there. An inward journey of the whole person uncovers layers far deeper than just thought. Three steps are necessary in our pilgrim walk.

• Detachment, as we step away routine obsessions.

• Attention, another name for prayer, open to inner promptings.

• And connection, discovering our true self, hidden with others in a love behind and within all


Those steps can help us touch our soul.

Exercise: Decide how long you can detach from screens. Try just a day. Or three. No phone. No

computer. No iPad. No TV. Detach. Pay attention. And discover where you connect. Write in your

journal or share with your group.

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