Prism Vision and 30 day Acts Challenge with Pastor Taylor Holbrook

Good Morning.  It was great to be with you yesterday and, as promised in my message Prism Vision, I share the five challenges from the Wise Men’s walk, which I hope you will live into for the next thirty days. 

Read Matthew 2:1-12 


For the next thirty days I invite you through word and wonder to seek the vision of God for this congregation as well as your life.  Together we will read a chapter from the book of Acts that tells the story of that first church’s growth and life together.  Each day a devotional will come  guiding us through the journey together.  Secondly, as the Wise Men contemplated the stars, you are invited to spend some intentional time in the wonder of creation to let God speak to you about directions we  should move.


The Wise Men had to take that first step toward a foreign land.  Our second challenge is to step into what you sense God is calling you to do in the church or in your life that reflects the light of Christ in our world.


The Wise Men did not go alone, neither should you.  Meet each week with someone you don’t know well from the church and meet each week with someone outside of the church.  Listen to their story of faith and life.  


The Wise Men brought the best they had to pay homage to the king.  Focus on worship the next thirty days.  Be present in worship on Sunday, but more than that be present in worship daily.  Lift up a song of praise and a word of gratitude for the wonder of what God has done and is doing in this world.  I also tied this to giving yesterday-our offerings are a part of our worship and I challenged the church to double our giving in this coming year.


This is the thumb of the five finger illustration because this ties everything together.  The Wise Men listened to God and changed their plans and perspective as God sent them home another way.  Be open to the way God may be changing you as you listen to people with different stories and perspectives. What are some of the different ways God is challenging you?

Thank you for letting me join you on this journey.  I look forward to the way we reflect the life of Christ together in this “Prism Vision.”

In Christ,


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