Update on Worship.

Grace & peace to you all,

I’m writing to bring you up to date on how SCRC will be responding to the restrictions that have been put in place in light of the latest coronavirus. I and the Consistory urge you to follow these directions to keep, not only yourself, but others as safe as possible.

In light of that, we are going to refrain from meeting in person for Sunday morning worship. However, Barb and I will be recording an abbreviated service so that you can hear hymns and songs being sung and contemplate God’s Word for the week. You will have two options. First, we will record a video using Facebook Live which allows you to watch the service in real time and also later if you prefer. In order to see it, make sure that you “Like” the St. Croix Reformed Church Facebook page. Second, I will record an audio version of the service as well and post it on our website (stcroixreformed.org). There will be a link that comes to your email which will allow you to listen to the service.

In addition, I want to remind you that we have started a “St. Croix Reformed Church – Virtual Bible Study” Facebook Group. Feel free to join the group and chime in during the week with questions and concerns you have regarding the text. It’s another way for us to stay spiritually connected while remaining physically distant.

One of the practical matters that we want to draw your attention to is giving. Since we will not likely be meeting in person for at least a few weeks, we know that there won’t be very many offerings coming in. There are a couple of ways to address this. First, you can give online through Network for Good using the following link: St. Croix Reformed Church. Second, I will be in the office during the week and you can drop an offering off if you prefer. Thankfully, the generosity of the members has left us in good position to weather this storm for a few weeks anyway. But, we’ll appreciate any support that you can offer along the way.

I know that these can be tense and trying times. Sometimes we hold our stress in and try to pretend it’s not there. Sometimes we force ourselves not to engage it. I want to assure you that anxiety and concern are not a lack of faith, but normal responses to difficult times. So, let me remind you that prayer and gratitude are gifts that God has given us for our spiritual and physical well-being. Breathe. Meditate. Go for walks and enjoy the creation that God has made. Remind yourself that you are loved. Remember that you are connected to a body of people defined by compassion and care. You are not alone. Should you need anything while we are physically distant, don’t hesitate to reach out to me with a call or text. You can reach me at (616) 450-9774.

May the peace of Christ and the strength of God’s Spirit be with you,

Pastor Peter

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