SCRC Newsletter – 2/14/20

Two groups, pictured above, gathered to begin a conversation about how to embody community. One group wants to create a greater sense of belonging in the church. The other group wants to build a stronger connection to the surrounding area. You are welcome to join them when they meet next on Monday, March 9, at 5pm.

HAND 2 HAND FUND The St. Croix Reformed Church has a fund designated to help residents who find themselves in immediate financial need to get past a crisis. The Hand 2 Hand fund may also be used in other ways to benefit the community where there are significant struggles. If you know of someone, or of a situation that needs immediate assistance, please speak with either Pastor Peter or any member of the Consistory. Perhaps we can help.

VIRGIN ISLANDS CLERGY PEACE COALITION The VICPC on St. Croix is sponsoring faith-based community organizing because they believe that frustration without action leads to bitterness and empathy without action leads to burnout. They are looking for two representatives from each congregation to attend a workshop on Monday, March 16, at 6pm. It will be held at St. Croix Reformed Church.

LISTENING FOR GOD’S P.U.L.S.E. Frank Rogers, in his book, Compassion In Practice, defines compassion as “simply being moved in our depths by another’s experience and responding in ways that intend either to ease the suffering or to promote the flourishing within that person.” Pastor Peter will be preaching a 6-Lenten series on that topic. You are invited to take a copy of the book from the back of the sanctuary.

VIRTUAL BIBLE STUDY Pastor Peter has started a new Facebook group for a virtual Bible study. Please take some time this week to leave a comment and respond to others.

COMING TO THE TABLE God is working to create “one new humanity” in the church. We have been given the “ministry of reconciliation.” If you’d like to see more peaceful cross-cultural relationships, then come to the table on Sunday, Feb. 16, with a drum circle at 4pm and a discussion at 5pm.

INWARD AND OUTWARD! In response to the survey results, the Consistory has decided to form two teams to meet the needs and fulfill the hopes of the congregation for the year. You are invited to join them in these efforts. One team will focus on a greater sense of belonging in the congregation. The other will focus on a stronger sense of connection with the surrounding area. Mark your calendars for Monday, March 9, at 5pm and speak with one of the Consistory members listed below for more information.

MASSAGE THERAPY You are invited to join Amie Medina and others for a lesson in message. Bring your spouse, your partner, or a friend to learn some basics in massage, stretching, and healing touch. We’ll meet in the sanctuary on Saturday, February 22nd, from 3-5pm. Please bring some towels or floor mats with you.

OTHER OPPORTUNITIES Sacred Breath, Wednesdays @ 6pm Yoga for the People, Fridays @ 9am

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