A Call to Participate.

A word cloud compiled from survey answers of SCRC members.

What do you need from St. Croix Reformed Church this year?

What do you hope for St. Croix Reformed Church this year?

Over the last two months, members of SCRC have been answering those questions. What you see above is a word cloud. It is a reflection of the key words the members used. The larger the word, the more often it was written as part of an answer. In the dozens of submissions, the word “community” was the most prevalent. It was followed by “growth” and “outreach.” So, now what?

Now, the elders (Jane Coles, Brad Ebersole, and Willette Lewis) are inviting you to participate in planning events that will contribute to our growth as a congregation, focusing on our inward life. And the deacons (Laurie Bohlke, Dan Binoniemi, and Dan Huston) are inviting you to participate in planning events for outreach, focusing on our outward life. They may approach you or you are welcome to approach them. There will be two teams of 8-10 people, meeting monthly, to work out the details.

This is one way to answer God’s call to participate as members in the body of Christ. Or, as many of you expressed in your answers, a way to be INVOLVED. Mark you calendars for Monday, February 10, at 5:00pm.

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