The Way – Intergenerational Mentoring Circles

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If you’d like to participate in these circles, we’ll be hosting an informational gathering on Saturday, Nov. 9, at 5:00pm. This will be right before our Grill On the Hill.

What: An inter-generational circle gathering of 10-14 adults and youth who will share their struggles and success, faults and hopes for the future. It’s a mentoring strategy that helps young people navigate seasons of life with the wisdom of their elders.

Why: Studies suggest that children and youth benefit most from the investment of five adults, other than their parents, who will take an interest, encourage and support them as they grow.

How: The Way involves two monthly gatherings. The first will always be on the second Saturday of the month during which adults and youth will share what is capturing their attention, asking for support, and exploring a value that we are called to live out together. During the first gathering of the month the groups will plan an outing as a way to embody the value studied in the first circle gathering.

Year #1                                            Year #2                                            Year #3

Life/Story                                        Life/Story                                        Life/Story

Practices                                          Practices                                          Practices

Bodies                                              Time                                                 Choices

Creativity                                         Play                                                  Worship

Forgiveness                                    Grieving                                           Friends

Prayer                                              Music                                               Truth

Creation                                          Justice                                              Welcome

Stuff                                                 Work                                                Food

When: Circles will meet on the second Saturday of the month from 4:00-5:30pm. They will plan another gathering over the course of the month in order to embody the value that they have studied.

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