Restoring God’s Image – Week 3

Prophets stand in the gap. What that means is, prophets stand in between two people or groups of people and help them hear and see one another. They form a sort of bridge. In the Bible, prophets stand in between God and God’s people. They speak on behalf of God to the people and sometimes they speak on behalf of the people to God. There are also times when prophets stand in the gap between people of privilege and people who are oppressed. They can speak words of challenge just as easily as they can comfort. Because prophets often stand in the gap, they often stand apart and they often stand alone. They can be pesky.

We’ll be reading about the prophets for week 3 of our discussion on Restoring God’s Image. Download it here.

You can also read online read Part 1 and Part 2 of this chapter online at Medium.

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