What’s good about Good Friday?

Today is Good Friday. It’s a day when the Christian church remembers the death of Jesus. But, what’s good about it?

Most of Christendom will say that Friday is good because Jesus’ death absorbed God’s wrath toward our sin and satisfied God’s justice according to the law. The problem with this view is that the resurrection becomes a perk or, worse, an after thought rather than a turning point and the beginning of something new.

Here’s another way to look at Good Friday and the death of Jesus. I think it’s much better:

“Why did Jesus die? (Part 1)” by Peter TeWinkle https://link.medium.com/NEy3ouVj1V

“Why did Jesus die? — (Part 2)” by Peter TeWinkle https://link.medium.com/jmiNTwgk1V

“Why Did Jesus HAVE to Die? — (Part 1)” by Peter TeWinkle https://link.medium.com/RzuEmtZj1V

“Why Did Jesus HAVE to die? — (Part 2)” by Peter TeWinkle https://link.medium.com/mjV4eiik1V

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