Daily Devotional: February 12th

The Gift of Love
February 12, 2018

Read: Song of Solomon 8:5-7

Set me as a seal upon your heart. (v. 6)

Chapters 6-8 of the Song of Solomon include further descriptions of beauty and declarations of love that echo what has preceded, which means we’ve come to the end of our look at this ancient poem. Before turning our attention to Ecclesiastes, let’s consider these words of Eugene Peterson: “With the help of the vocabulary learned in the Song we see God’s people (and ourselves) not through the dirty lens of our own muddled feelings, and not through the smudgy window of another’s carping criticism, but in terms of God’s word. We never know how good we can look, how delightful we can feel, or how strong we can be until we hear ourselves addressed in love by God” (Five Smooth Stones for Pastoral Work, pp. 64-65).

God’s choice for us is love. God’s voice to us is love. Early on I asked why this book was in the Bible. After spending some time with it, I hope you join me in wondering why there shouldn’t be a book like this in the Bible. The heart of our story of salvation is love. Indeed, God’s banner over us is love.

In Mark 2:19-20, Jesus refers to himself as the “bridegroom.” Perhaps along with references in the Prophets, he appropriates that image from the Song. Through Jesus, all our broken relationships, both human and divine, are restored. That’s what salvation means—not just rescue, but restoration and wholeness. Praise God for his bounteous gifts of love! —Jeff Munroe

Prayer: We thank you, Lord, for the gifts of your love through the true bridegroom, your Son.

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