Daily Devotional: January 29th

Trusting God’s Abundance: Communion People
January 29, 2018

Read: John 6:15-35

Whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst. (v. 35)

I have a friend who often struggles to get by from week to week. She relies on the generosity of others and an extensive knowledge of the food bank delivery times to provide her with her daily food. In spite of this, she consistently shares her food with me and others. She has never failed to make a cake for any of her friends on their birthdays, and often comes to parties with a special meal that she has made with vegetables she has been given. My friend teaches me every day about the joy that comes from trusting God’s abundance. Though she doesn’t have much to share, she shares what she has with great gusto.

Trusting God’s abundance may look like sharing food. It may look like sharing time, money, or other resources with folks who need it. Perhaps it looks like refusing to buy into the mentality that we must purchase the cheapest option, and instead look at which products have been fashioned without harming the earth or those who made them. No matter what form it takes, the invitation to trust God’s abundance is an immense privilege. We are like the people on the hillside, well-satisfied with good things, yet with baskets of leftover bread that we can share with our hungry neighbors. Every time we share out of this abundance, loving people as Jesus does, we spread life. —Amy Curran

Prayer: Jesus, help me trust in you and freely share your abundance.

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