Daily Devotional: January 21st

God Provides Abundantly: Physical Feast
January 21, 2018

Read: John 6:5-13

They . . . filled twelve baskets with fragments from the five barley loaves left by those who had eaten. (v. 13)

Jesus didn’t just provide enough; he provided more than enough. What must it have felt like to be this crowd? They had traveled far and brought no food. Perhaps they brought no food because there was nothing at home to bring. The Jews were an oppressed people. Maybe they were not strangers to scarcity, and the anxiety it brings.

Although there is great abundance in the world, we all encounter scarcity in various ways. Perhaps we know what it means to be hungry. Perhaps we know what it means to long for companionship or a home or a sense of family. What could it look like to live in the freedom that comes from trusting God’s provision?

I have a friend who likes to say, “God has all the money in the world.” This is his way of reminding himself and others that God can, and will, provide all that we need. He had a dream of purchasing a house in his neighborhood, fixing it up, and then offering it as a home for many friends of his who experience various disabilities and were at the time living in group homes. Because he believed that God has all the money in the world, my friend began spreading the word about this vision. In less than six months, he had the money to purchase the home outright. My friend showed me what it looks like to trust God’s abundance. —Amy Curran

Prayer: Jesus, help me trust you.

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