Update from St Thomas Reformed Church 9/16/2017

“Bless the Lord O My soul and all that is within me, bless Your holy name!” Giving thanks this morning for so many glimpses of light in the darkness, so many glimmers of hope amidst the despair. Our awesome group of volunteers (young and younger) led by Robin Marsella at STRC handed out food and supplies to over 160 families yesterday. The awesome group of volunteers at MBW Cafe & Bakery fed 600! Way to go Jenny and your MBW team! The awesome group of volunteers at MBW shop in Tutu received 2 large flatbeds of Plywood and 2x4s and began cutting and distributing it to any in need. Scott – you continue to amaze. We are trying to organize teams to help put up tarps…that is, if we ever see a tarp! I got message that the Army Corp of Engineers is here and helping. If anyone has a way to connect us, please do! Our awesome groups of volunteers in the states have been continuing to coordinate supply runs to us and managing to get hundreds of people off island to safety. I need to mention one angel…Adonnah, thank you for managing the dock with grace. Yesterday was chaos in the pouring rain (pics) but she managed to get supplies off to us and people on. We said goodbye to Robert & Donna deJongh who FINALLY will make it back to the storm-torn Houston to continue his cancer treatments. Our prayers go with you!
I know there are countless other STC members proudly serving and humbly offering their gifts, caring for the sick, offering counseling to survivors, cleaning out people’s homes and yards, bringing food and water to the homebound, and covering up neighbor’s roofs. You are awesome. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus.
Just prior to curfew I was able to make it to one more parishioner’s home. It’s heart-breaking. (pics) But bless the Lord, they are safe and now staying with family.
Nicole is back online after a 3 day trip to Miami on the cruise ship with her beautiful baby Dominic. She is now helping to coordinate volunteers and schedules. Email her at youth@stthomasreformedchurch.org or message her here. Thank you Nicole!
And to answer your question: YES WE WILL WORSHIP TOMORROW in our sanctuary beginning one hour after curfew. Right now curfew is 10am so worship will begin at 11am. You might have to sit on a can of beans but you might also might find that more comfortable than those hard wooden pews! Dr. Mark Livingston has offered to see anyone with medical issues after the service. Thank you Mark!
That’s all I have time for today…
“Bless the Lord, O my Soul and all that is within us…”

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