Advent Devotions

Monday, December 21

Psalm 148
In case we had forgotten, the coming of Christ will affect more than just us humans. We’re not the only ones who will rejoice when he arrives.

The heavens will praise him: the sun and moon, constellations and celestial bodies!

The weather will praise him: rain, snow, wind, and hail!

The earth will praise him: hills and mountains, fruit trees and cedars!

The creatures will praise him: the birds of the air, the wild animals on the land, the sea monsters of the deep!

The people will praise him: rulers and ordinary folks, women and men, young and old!

Christ’s coming has cosmic implications. Since the fall, the whole of creation has been subjected to futility, is bound to decay, and groans with longing (Romans 8:20-22). But when Christ comes again, that creation—from microscopic yeast spores to bioluminescent sea creatures, from house cats to planets, from ice crystals to the blazing sun—will be set free.

Praise the Lord!

Prayer: Creator and Redeemer, you are marvelous. Your works are wonderful. Remind me that I’m not the only one who is affected by sin in the world. And I’m not the only one who will benefit from your salvation. As I notice your creation today, I join your creatures in praise.

The Advent devotions follow the Common Lectionary texts. You may use the devotions in a number of ways, but you are encouraged to do the following:

  1. Read the passage through at least once. (Each devotion includes a link to the Scripture passage for the day.)
  2. Reflect on the passage and pay attention to how God might be using it to speak to you.
  3. Read and consider the devotion.
  4. End in prayer. You may begin with the prayer offered at the end of each devotion or pray your own prayer.

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