Advent Devotions

Monday, December 7

Zephaniah 3:14-16
Even as an adult, I find my parents’ presence incredibly reassuring.

Recently, worn down by a season of great life change, I traveled to visit them. Nothing else could console me. When I turned onto their street, there was my dad at the mailbox, looking sharp in his suit and tie. The mere sight of him dispelled my anxiety.

Over the course of that weekend, surrounded by the familiar artifacts of home and kept company by these two wise, capable people, I was set at ease. My muscles could rest, my mind could take in things other than my to-do list, and my heart could dream again. I felt deep joy for the first time in months.

And that was just from being with my parents! They are still flawed, fallible beings. Imagine the kind of ease that comes in the presence of God: “The king of Israel, the Lord, is in your midst; you shall fear disaster no more” (Zephaniah 3:15).

This is the Advent promise: that God is with us. The wisest, most capable one is with us. In his presence, there is no reason to fear disaster. Not because the disaster simply feels distant, but because he has actually triumphed over it. In God’s presence, disaster loses its power. We can be at ease. We can rejoice and exult with all our heart.

Prayer: King of Israel, it takes nothing more than your presence to dispel my fears, to give my heart room to rejoice. Today, let me sense your presence. Let me shout for joy.

The Advent devotions follow the Common Lectionary texts. You may use the devotions in a number of ways, but you are encouraged to do the following:

  1. Read the passage through at least once. (Each devotion includes a link to the Scripture passage for the day.)
  2. Reflect on the passage and pay attention to how God might be using it to speak to you.
  3. Read and consider the devotion.
  4. End in prayer. You may begin with the prayer offered at the end of each devotion or pray your own prayer.

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