Lent Devotions


March 28

Nancy Landrigan served as moderator of Camp Fowler’s board of trustees and is a volunteer cabin counselor. She also coordinates Fowler’s day camp program at First Church Albany.

Mark 15:1-39

This is such a heavy passage; almost too heavy to tackle in one sitting. In these 39 verses, it’s abundantly clear that Jesus has made enemies. He did not come to affirm the status quo, to protect the powerful, or to bless the privileged. He came to proclaim good news to the poor, set prisoners free, and restore sight to the blind.

As I am writing this, we are just a couple weeks past election day. I think of the promises our politicians make to us during every election season—promises to make our lives better and easier. And so I wonder: if Jesus came back today, would we want to hear his campaign promises? Or would we, like the priests, the elders, and the scribes, do all in our power to be sure his message could not be proclaimed? Would we, like the crowds, get swept up in the uproar and propaganda, shouting, “Crucify him, crucify him”?

We are called to live as Christ lived, love as he loved, and sacrifice as he sacrificed. May we truly live as a people called to be Christ’s presence in this world.

Prayer: Lord, grant us the courage to live as Jesus would have us live. Show us how to give up power and privilege and to embrace equality and balance. May we be your presence in this world so that one day all will proclaim, “Truly this man is the Son of God.”
The 2015 Lenten reflections were submitted by staff, volunteers, board members, campers, and friends who have spent time at Camp Fowler in New York.

For this year’s Lent devotions, the days follow the Common Lectionary texts. Each author was invited to:
Read the passage.
Read a couple passages before and after the assigned day.
Do something else for the day, keeping the passage in mind.
Find a word/phrase/concept that connects with your own experience. Reflect on that.
You are encouraged to do the same.


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