Lent Devotions


March 26

Clarissa LaPlante served on day camp staff and is currently a student at Central College in Pella, Iowa.

Psalm 31:9-16

Upon first read, this psalm can make a person think some pretty depressing thoughts.

“My body and soul are withering away, I am in distress.”
This life is not worth living, there is suffering everywhere I look.
“Sin has drained my strength; I am wasting away from within.”
How am I to go on? The world isn’t getting better.
“I am despised by my neighbors; even my friends are afraid to come near me.”
Everyone has given up on me.
“I am ignored as if I were dead; I’ve heard many rumors about me.”
I can’t depend on anyone.
“I am surrounded by terror.”
There is nothing that can calm my fears.

If you stick with it, however, there’s hope:

“But I am trusting you; you are my God!”
You’re my hope, my light.
“My future is in your hands; rescue me.”
Take me out of this darkness.
“In your unfailing love, rescue me.”
I will praise you for your life-changing love!

Have you ever felt hopeless, lost, or alone? Ever looked around and thought that there is so much sin in the world that no one could ever save it? Surely David did. In this psalm he shows the truth of being a follower of God. You will still sin, there will still be pain in your life, and people may not like you. But we follow a gracious God. He is our fortress and our comfort in the storms of this world. God has given each of his followers a light to make the world shine. What will you do with yours?

Prayer: God, help us to not get bogged down by all the negativity of this world. Help us to see outside of our own situation, to focus on others. Let us look at the light we can bring instead of complaining about the dark. In this life we may get put down, taunted, and abused, but we know you are the rescuer, the savior. Thank you, Lord, for that. Help us to live as though we’ve been saved—as though today was the first day of our salvation. Amen.

The 2015 Lenten reflections were submitted by staff, volunteers, board members, campers, and friends who have spent time at Camp Fowler in New York.

For this year’s Lent devotions, the days follow the Common Lectionary texts. Each author was invited to: 1.Read the passage.
2.Read a couple passages before and after the assigned day.
3.Do something else for the day, keeping the passage in mind.
4.Find a word/phrase/concept that connects with your own experience. Reflect on that.
You are encouraged to do the same.


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