Lent Devotions


March 14
Kent Busman serves as the executive director for Camp Fowler.

John 3:14-21

In the middle of our Lenten journey, this passage finds us spending a night with Nicodemus, resting with Jesus. What’s interesting is that he is the one who is present with Jesus: sitting in the literal darkness being illuminated by the figurative light of the world.

As one who works to preserve the natural world, it is good to be reminded that God loves the world beyond just people, and that Christ has come not to condemn the world, but that the world through him may be saved.

Perhaps we, like Nicodemus, should pause on our journey to be present for a moment in the world that Jesus came to save. Perhaps in our presence we will still see the light shining in the darkness that is not overcome.

It is this vision we may need when we rise in the morning to continue our journey.

Prayer: Lord, give us eyes to see the light not quite hidden by the darkness around us and within us.
The 2015 Lenten reflections were submitted by staff, volunteers, board members, campers, and friends who have spent time at Camp Fowler in New York.

For this year’s Lent devotions, the days follow the Common Lectionary texts. Each author was invited to:
Read the passage.
Read a couple passages before and after the assigned day.
Do something else for the day, keeping the passage in mind.
Find a word/phrase/concept that connects with your own experience. Reflect on that.
You are encouraged to do the same.


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