Lent Devotions


March 5

Tom McIlroy is a former media staff member at Camp Fowler and currently serves on the board of trustees; he works as a sales manager for Cumberland Farms.

I Corinthians 1:18-25

As a child, in my infinite wisdom, I decided it would be best if, when I grew up, I would live in a mansion on a hill, unmarried, with no children, and several maids to maintain my posh existence. Fast forward 25 years and I’ve become much wiser (or should I say, God’s plan for me was much wiser). I have an amazingly strong wife, two adorable children, and I live in a modest home on a farm (on a hill, so I got one thing right!). God’s plan for me was much more in line with my personality and the gifts he’s provided me with.

In this scripture passage, Paul is telling the Corinthians that the only way to salvation is through Christ on the cross. We can study all we want to become wise, but it won’t get us anywhere if we don’t go to the cross.

Our word “moron” comes from the Greek word moria, or moros as an adjective. Paul uses this word five times in this scripture to emphasize our need to be humbled by the power and awe of God, and understand that the only way to God is through the cross. We simply can’t match him by strength or wisdom.

So continue to read scripture and care for your neighbors, but do it because God desires you to do it. And meet him at the cross once again this season. Relinquish your control and give your life privately to him at the foot of the cross.

Prayer: Powerful and wise Lord, forgive us for our ignorance and loss of our way. Help us to return back to you at the foot of the cross to pray for forgiveness and gratitude for your amazing gift of grace. May we be a beacon of love and grace for those who may not know where to find your grace. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

For this year’s Lent devotions, the days follow the Common Lectionary texts. Each author was invited to: 1.Read the passage.
2.Read a couple passages before and after the assigned day.
3.Do something else for the day, keeping the passage in mind.
4.Find a word/phrase/concept that connects with your own experience. Reflect on that.
You are encouraged to do the same.


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