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Palm Sunday, April 13: He Really Was a King
Read: Luke 19:29-44

As he was now approaching the path down from the Mount of Olives, the whole multitude of the disciples began to praise God joyfully . . . . (v. 37 NRSV)

All the hoopla that greeted Jesus the day he rode a donkey into Jerusalem quickly turned to demands for his death. He was declared a king on Sunday and a fraud on Friday. His enemies would kill him, but he would live again. There would be no end to this King’s kingdom.

Jesus and his followers carried no weapons of war when they entered the city. But his death on a cross outside the walls would start a revolution that would encircle the earth. His enemies thought they could get rid of him. How foolish! They were dealing with a King whose authority had no limits.

The city welcomed Christ with shouts of passion. Knowing the needs of the people there, he wept. Christ loved the city. Willingly he died for the cities of the world. His death was not for his sin-he had none-but for the sins of us all. Since he has all the necessary power and authority as King, there is nothing he cannot do. He broke the grip of sin and death for all who trust him. –Ron Geschwendt

Prayer: Lord Jesus, we acknowledge your power and authority. Truly you are King. Capture our mind and hearts. Amen.

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