Lent Devotions

Lent Devotions


April 5: Outrageous Love

Posted: 04 Apr 2014 05:20 AM PDT

Read: Matthew 26:6-13

But when the disciples saw it, they were angry and said, “Why this waste?” (v. 8 NRSV)

A woman did something in public for Jesus that very few would dare to do. At the risk of scorn she purchased expensive ointment and splashed it on Jesus in anticipation of his death and burial. Jesus’ own disciples questioned the extravagance.

In the last week of Christ’s life, the plot thickens. Religious leaders plan for his death. A traitor from among Jesus’ closest friends sells him out for thirty pieces of silver. But in contrast to this treachery is a story of extravagant love.

Love at its best has no personal agenda. It is not selfish. No sacrifice is too great. It thinks only of its beloved. This woman at Bethany broke all the conventional rules because she was blinded by love for Jesus.

This woman obviously discovered in Jesus the wealth of his love. Nothing would deter her from offering to Jesus the gift of her love, no matter the cost. Judas betrayed the Messiah for a price that was a fraction of the cost of her perfume. Cold hearts never understand liberality. Real love seizes the heart and captures the mind. Outrageous love for Christ is never a waste. –Ron Geschwendt

Prayer: Heavenly Father, we are grateful for the gift of your Son’s love. We would lavishly love him with heart, soul and mind. Amen.

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