Lent Devotions

Lent Devotions


March 19: Silence

Posted: 18 Mar 2014 06:05 AM PDT

Read: Psalm 37:1-7

Be still before the Lord. (v. 7 NRSV)

Music contains both notes and rests: sound and silence.

We address God with “sound” whenever we use words in prayer. But silence punctuates these times of verbal expression. In silence we go to a deeper place than any words can express. In silence we enter the experience of God profoundly. That is because love, while it can sometimes be expressed in words, is often expressed nonverbally. In close human relationships we express love with an embrace or a kiss. A couple in love spend time simply being together without words. So it should be in our relationship with God. Love of God goes beyond anything that words can express. In mystery God becomes known to us. In a deep awareness we experience the presence, love, and grace of God.

Of course, wired as we are for a fast-paced culture, we find this difficult. Many people today can’t stand silence. When we try to sit in quiet our minds start racing. But stillness allows us to experience the love of God. Try using the practice of centering prayer–choosing a word that expresses your desire for God–to let go of other thoughts. Christian tradition calls this “contemplative prayer,” by which we enter the love of God that is deeper than words. In silence we let ourselves be drawn into communion with God. –David Muyskens

Prayer: Triune God, give us silent moments in which we become profoundly aware of your love. Amen.

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