Confirmation Class Kick-Off


Three sixty-four; Three sixty-four; Utah; Topeka; Set; Hike; Hike; Hike!!” What does all of that mean? As one who spent most of his time on the basketball court or baseball diamond, I never learned about some of the “codes” for football. But listen to any broadcast of a football game and you will hear the quarterback bark out signals much like those above. Rest assured, while I might be confused, the football team is not. They understand what is being said. They have been taught the game plan.

This Sunday we will “kick-off” confirmation class for the young adults in our congregation. As part of the Reformed tradition, we are all about “faith seeking understanding” and that is the journey these young people are embarking on . . . a journey of discovery and understanding. For the next 23 weeks, they will explore, wrestle, uncover, challenge and be challenged. They will look at there faith from all angles as they seek to put together their own personal “statement of faith”.

Please keep them in your prayers. Are you ready? Down; Set; Hike! See you Sunday!

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