Update from Eileen Skeoch Hill

Re-post from my care page:
The days go by very fast. They were spent going to doctor appointments, working out, caring for sick children, and trying to get settled in our new home. Oh and cooking dinner again which makes me so HAPPY! I feel great and my hair is growing back!

Today we received the results from last week’s pet CT scan. The cancer is gone! I do not have to be scanned for six months! It is hard to believe that we received the news that I had some type of cancer six months ago on Good Friday. What a journey this has been. There have been very dark days and many more bright days. We’ve met so many wonderful people along the way from St. Thomas to New York to Atlanta. St. Thomas Radiology and Dr. Marc Livingston were so helpful in getting my results immediately to New York. (St. Croix friends it is worth the trip over to St. Thomas if you need fast results.) I headed north for Sloan Kettering in NYC and ended up at NY Presbyterian Hospital for various reasons. My cousin Laura did not leave me side the first 36 hours until my Mother and her mother Gwen arrived. What an amazing place. At the time we did not know that their blood cancer team is one of the best in the nation. One of my roommates had the same doctor as Robin Roberts from ABC’s Good Morning America. We also learned that a team of hematology oncologists left Sloan and moved across the street to Presbyterian. Dr. Ruan referred me to Emory and Dr. Flowers. I can’t say enough good things about our Emory experience. That’s why we are doing the Winship 5K on Saturday in support of the Winship Cancer Institute. Our team is “Kick it to the Hill.” And we did kick cancer to the hill!!!! Several Clemson friends are joining Kelly, Lance, the kids, and I for the race on Saturday.

A friend of my Mom’s that is a survivor said, “Have faith because prayer and medicine TOGETHER work miracles.” They do. I can’t begin to thank everyone enough for all of their prayers. My cousin Gwen said, “Eileen you have people praying for you all over the world.” At the time I didn’t realize how amazing our network of family and friends was. I now know just how powerful prayer is. As a hairless cancer patient in the South people stop you in Target, the park, and gas stations to pray and lay their hands on you. It was a little uncomfortable at first but it makes me cry (out of joy) now to think of those experiences. I was also so fortunate to meet a woman during my last round of chemo that had just been diagnosed with the same form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. (My sub type is very rare.) She is thirty four and has a four and seven year old. Her story was very similar to mine. One night Lance and her husband talked for 2 hours in the hall about what we were going through and what to expect. He was blown away that we were on the same hall fighting the same battle for our families. She is now half way through treatment and I only hope I can help give her the courage to finish strong like I did.

We are so grateful for the cards, texts, monetary gifts, e-mails, calls, visits to NYC, care packages, babysitting, meals, and love that everyone gave us. Thank you so very much. I am so blessed.

PS – For those of you wondering… I am cancer free and will be checked and monitored for a few years. In my case the term “remission” is used after I am cancer free for two to three years and the term “cured” is used after five years. I am not sure if the time periods differ for different types of cancers.

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