Lent Devotions: Day 27

Read: Isaiah 53

The Suffering Servant

Who has believed what we have heard?
And to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed? (v. 1)
The God of Israel gave the prophet Isaiah a vision of a servant who would bring salvation to the world. Isaiah declared that God would delight in this servant and anoint him with his Spirit. This servant would bring justice to the nations and teach the long awaited way of righteousness. He would be a light to the world, giving sight to the blind and freedom to prisoners who sit in darkness.
Isaiah’s vision has an unexpected twist. This servant would bring justice and deliverance for all, but only through great suffering. The servant would prosper and be lifted up, and many nations and kings would fall silent and bow before him. Still, this revolution would not come by way of the servant’s political or military triumph, but by enduring an agonizing death.
God called the nation of Israel to be his holy and perfect servant, but they were unable. Yet at the right time, out of this nation came Jesus of Nazareth, the Lord’s anointed who fulfilled Isaiah’s vision of the suffering servant. God gives himself to us in Jesus, and though this Savior comes in a different way than we had imagined, he is nonetheless everything that we need.
—Garret Szantner

Prayer: Gracious God, we admit we resist the message of your gospel. Give us a humble heart and open mind to receive the Good News of your Son, Jesus Christ.

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