Lent Devotions: Day 19

Read: Psalm 115

Impotent Idols

Those who make them are like them;
so are all who trust in them. (v. 8)
We’ve heard it before: even though we don’t keep figurines enshrined in the corners of our houses, we still worship idols. We trust in investments, pensions, and the belief that, with elbow grease and a savvy broker, anyone can be a millionaire. We worship idols of health, nutrition, and beauty. Or we believe that our salvation comes in the technology that enables us to know right now what’s happening all around the world and to text our family and friends all day long.
But the psalmist argues that all of our idols are impotent; they are powerless to give life. The machines that assemble our stuff have “hands,” but can they feel? Siri, the iPhone’s intelligent personal assistant, has a “mouth,” but does she speak deep truth? A reporter’s pocket recorder has “ears,” but can it detect echoes of the gospel? More significantly, if we trust in idols of consumption and information, we also lose our powers of real speech, sight, hearing, movement, and touch. We fall under the power of sin.
The good news is that the God of Israel, who does whatever he pleases, was pleased to send his Son to free us from our captivity to idols. By Christ’s death and resurrection, we are new creations, with eyes for what’s real, ears for truth, mouths to proclaim the gospel, and hands to join in God’s work. When we trust in the Lord, he is our salvation. —Grace Claus

Prayer: Savior, we trust you, not our idols, for salvation

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