Lent Devotions: Day 12

God’s Powerful Deliverance


Day 12
Read: Psalm 114

Tremble, O earth, at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the God of Jacob. (v. 7)

Try to recall the wildest weather you’ve experienced. I remember a summer storm in the Midwest, the black sky streaming a torrent of rain, the ground resonating with the growling thunder, and six months’ worth of lightning bolts bursting into a single evening’s sky–a display simultaneously majestic and terrifying.

But even the strongest hurricane and the most explosive volcano are no match for the power of God. Today’s psalm records the earth’s response to God’s mighty act of deliverance. Fed up with Egyptian bondage, the Lord sets Israel free. Knowing better than to stand in God’s way, the sea splits in two, and the mountains leap like animals. God takes deliverance seriously. When he desires to deliver his people from sin and evil, all of creation had better tremble and make way.

God uses his power not to destroy but to redeem. During Lent, we look toward Good Friday and Easter Sunday, two days marked by dramatic events in nature. When Jesus Christ is crucified, the sun hides and the earth shakes so deeply that graves break open. When he rises from the dead, another earthquake accompanies the coming of the angel of the Lord to open the tomb. The earth dares not impede the salvation of the Lord. No power on earth exceeds the power of God. –Grace Claus

Prayer: Almighty God, we tremble at your strength and thank you that you wield it for our salvation

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