Lent Devotions: It’s not too late to catch up!

Ashes and Dust

Day 1
Read: Genesis 3

You are dust, and to dust you shall return. (v. 19)

Today, on Ash Wednesday, we face the truth. We have seen the fire of sin pass through our lives and leave its telltale residue. We have watched our best efforts fall far short of the mark. We cannot deny that our flesh is weak, and that sin and death cloud our existence. As we lower our foreheads to be smeared with ashes, we visibly express our mortality, frailty, and failings.

Yet as we move through Lent, we never fully forget the Resurrection. We confess our sin but know we are already forgiven. We fast from food or drink or entertainment yet know these acts will not and cannot save us. For forty days we dwell in the shadow of the cross, but we celebrate Easter on each and every Sunday. We know we are bound for death, but we never forget that in Christ, death is not the end.

The students who wrote these devotionals knew these things. They struggled over synonyms, wrestled with comma placement, and edited until their eyes were blurry. And still, perfection was beyond their reach. This is the Lenten experience: recognizing that even our best efforts are ashes and dust. They know what the psalmist tells us, that it is God alone who draws us up out of the miry pit (Psalm 40:2).

By sharing their thoughts, these students are embracing the Easter moments that break through the forty days of Lent. They chose to trust God to take their handful of ashes and make something of them. May their example inspire you this Lenten season to find your own Easter moments. –Adam Navis

Prayer: Use the ashes and dust of our lives for your sake, O Lord.

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