The Proposed “Formula for Savings Disbursal”

The St Croix Reformed Church & Kingshill School Wind Turbine was created as a mission project.  Our goal is to inspire the community to embrace alternative energy, and redirect our savings towards the needs of the community.

Instead of paying our electric bill to VI WAPA every month, whatever the wind turbine saves us off our WAPA bill will be redirected into a special three part Wind Fund. This fund will be used for turbine maintenance and replacement, and to generate funds for energy-related improvements to the church, Kingshill School, and mission within the St Croix community.

2012 UPDATE:  

Due to the Hovensa Refinery closing -and the departure of a large number of families from the island, the school closed.

2018 UPDATE:

Our turbine was damaged by Hurricane Maria (even though it had been lowered). A decision was made to give it to another non-profit on island who could afford to repair it, and use an RCA grant to install solar panels instead — which is now feasible due to lower panel prices and our lower electrical consumption because the school we once housed closed during the recession.

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