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Photos of church events and members. For photos older than two years, see the Church Archive page.

St Croix Reformed Church Welcomes New Members


New Members


Joseph and Laura Croney (Joey, Annabelle, and Oliver)


Craig and Barbara Daniels


Dan and Peggy Binoniemi


Jeff and Sharon Turk (Jenny and Nick)


Steve and Lindsy Wagner (Weston, Harper, and Huxton)


Willette Lewis

Easter egg hunt

photos courtesy of Wylie Crowther

Blooming of the cross

Easter Fellowship- our breakfast tradition continues

Thank you to all of the volunteers who prepped on Saturday, prepared on Sunday, and stayed to clean up the mess.  Many hands make light work.  And a big THANK YOU to Sue Lakos!

Community service and fellowship

Donations are collected to buy the building materials. When we collect enough
money, we build a doghouse for an animal in need of shelter. We have been able to build 4 dog houses so far.

Children’s Sermon

Pastor Rod had a very attentive group during the children’s sermon


Giving back and having fun!

Our donations have paid off!  We raised enough money to build another dog house.  Every time we collect enough donations, we will build another house.  The St Croix Animal Welfare Center will donate the houses to dogs in need of shelter in the community.

Don’t forget to come volunteer at the animal shelter the first Saturday of each month.

Communion Sunday


Our Chalices were made in 1740.

Our Consistory


Pastor Rod, Duclie Crowther, Stacy Malone, Donna Koestner, Monica Ruhle, Jane Coles, Amanda Foltz, Glen Wells, Laurie Bohlke, David Russell, and Tom Calhoon.

Thank you for your service.

4th Sunday of Advent

Fourth Sunday Advent